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  • How to Write Goth Music

    How to Write Goth Music

    Start with the bass line – usually this carries a lot of the songs, being both a rhythmic and melodic instrument in a goth context, the “changes” in the song will often be more about the bass part. Often the bass will have chorus or flanger effects too. Then you’ll want some fairly simple minor […]

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  • New and Recommended: Sci-Fi Sky by Lebanon Hanover

    New and Recommended: Sci-Fi Sky by Lebanon Hanover

    The Last Thing is one of Lebanon Hanover’s best songs yet—an arresting and sorrowful dirge, it is a song that evokes the ray of hope that lingers after Pandora’s Box has opened. And this is undoubtedly the feeling permeating the still air of silent cities and towns worldwide where human beings have never before been […]

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