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  • New Works in Progress

    New Works in Progress

    Experimental works in progress Experimental techno. Electronica, inspired by the electronic music of JAPANESE musician Keigo Oyamada a.k.a CORNELIUS. Experimental techno.

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  • Cornelius


    Born 27 January 1969, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan Currently Meguro, Tokyo, Japan Member of Flipper’s Guitar, Lollipop Sonic, Standing Earth & Touching Air Also Known As Cornelius Cornelius is not a man. Nor, for that matter, is he an ape (though the name comes from Planet of the Apes). Cornelius is a musical group founded by Oyamada Keigo (小山田圭吾) in the […]

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  • Roland TR-606 Popular Users

    Roland TR-606 Popular Users

    A continuation from the Post-Punk Drum Machines and Other Gear post, the Roland TR-606 deserves a post all of its own, having been used by bands such as The Sisters of Mercy and Nine Inch Nails. The Roland TR-606 Drumatix is a drum machine built by the Roland Corporation from 1981 to 1984. It was originally designed to be used with […]

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  • Expressionist


    Industrial Waste-Age is an EBM / Industrial work in progress.

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