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  • New and Recommended: Sci-Fi Sky by Lebanon Hanover

    New and Recommended: Sci-Fi Sky by Lebanon Hanover

    The Last Thing is one of Lebanon Hanover’s best songs yet—an arresting and sorrowful dirge, it is a song that evokes the ray of hope that lingers after Pandora’s Box has opened. And this is undoubtedly the feeling permeating the still air of silent cities and towns worldwide where human beings have never before been…

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  • Joy Division

    1. “Digital” A Factory Sample (1979) 00:00 2. “Disorder” Unknown Pleasures (1979) 02:52 3. “Shadowplay” Unknown Pleasures 06:21 4. “New Dawn Fades” Unknown Pleasures 10:14 5. “Transmission” “Transmission” (1979) 15:01 6. “Atmosphere” “Atmosphere” (1980) 18:38 7. “Dead Souls” “Atmosphere” (1980) 22:49 8. “She’s Lost Control” (12″ single version) “She’s Lost Control” (1980) 27:44 9. “Love…

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  • Post Punk Drum Machines and Other Gear

    The desire for 80s electronic music-making gear has never been greater with so many Synth Pop, Coldwave, Darkwave and Post Punk bands around recreating that much loved sound with the help of retro drum machines and synths used back in the day. I did some research and compiled a short list of a few drum…

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  • Zombierella: Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers

    Three recent Bandcamp favourites featuring Russian bassist and vocalist Svetlana Negaeva aka “Zombierella” of Messer Chups, Tentative Reels and Bleak Engineers. This is a great mix of different musical and visual genres from 1950’s and ’60s Surf Rock, B-Movie and monster flicks, the American Dream, Soviet Wave, electro goth, doomer, cold wave, Tarantino and more bringing together…

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  • New Track: Tomorrow’s People

    This is an experimental synth based track inspired by 1980’s horror film soundtracks set in East Berlin during that time. A special effort has been made to give this a straight-to-Betamax feel.

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